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Impactful Mentoring Skills Online Course
Impactful Mentoring Skills, an Online, On-Demand Course! This is an instructor-led course that you can attend from home or your office and it is broken down into chapters. There are workboo […]
Online Leadership Course
Join this course to develop the skills to lead with confidence, clarity, and courage. This is an instructor-led course that you can attend from home or your office with no time restrictions […]
Online Project Management Course
Project management isn’t going anywhere!… Learn to create greater impact, increase your sense of fulfilment and future proof your role by gaining a skill that has increased in demand expone […]
Introduction to Communication with Monique Hels...
One of the most important tools we have to connect with and relate to other humans is our ability to communicate. It is a key to unlocking the secrets of collaboration, team building, reten […]
The Office Management Course
Office Managers have never been given the opportunity to have formal training that applies to the actual job they do. Which is why Hana Gray, CEO at The Office Management Group was determin […]
Remote Assistant Success
Remote working has never been more necessary than it is right now. And while remote working has its benefits it also has some unique challenges. Current predictions are that at le […]
Success Planning for Career Growth
One of the worst experiences in one’s career is that period between you realizing you absolutely cannot stand working where you are anymore and actually finding a new job. It can b […]
Building a Strong Relationship with your Principal
You could be the most talented and committed assistant in the world but still be left feeling impotent and unfulfilled in your role due to a lack of connection with the principal ( […]


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