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Project management isn’t going anywhere!… Learn to create greater impact, increase your sense of fulfilment and future proof your role by gaining a skill that has increased in demand exponentially over the last five years.

This online course is available for just £39.99 and better yet, if you use the code missjones20 you’ll get 20% off!

This course is available on-demand and is an instructor-led course that you can attend from home or your office and it is broken down into chapters. There are short videos, workbooks, mini quizzes and assignments throughout.

Project management is an essential skill that can help you in a wide range of situations and develops useful skills.

Project management is also a transferrable skill, so it can help you to be more desirable when you look to progress in your organisation.

Successful project management skills are difficult to learn but lead to a significant advantage when implemented properly. Learning project management skills will absolute you to excel in your career.

After completing this course, you will have enhanced your project management skills, become adept at managing change, have the tools and structure to go away and implement the processes straight away.

We will provide the tools that you can apply on-the-job (and in other contexts) the very next day – so you can walk away and THRIVE.

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