Building a Strong Relationship with your Principal

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You could be the most talented and committed assistant in the world but still be left feeling impotent and unfulfilled in your role due to a lack of connection with the principal (aka executive, manager).

Imagine building a solid foundation of respect, trust and affinity with them. How would it feel to know that your principal not only cares about your opinion but trusts you with key decision making? Without this, no role can truly be 100% fulfilling. So how do you build that strong relationship?

We collaborated with Ursula Kohler of Capital EA to bring you this course that will walk you through the steps of forging a healthy and respectful relationship with your principal. Ursula’s impressive experience gives her a unique vantage point of what it is like to be the assistant and the business leader, as the founder of Capital EA.

This course is for you if you…

  • Have struggled to capture high trust, regard and connection with your principal
  • Are ready to make the step up to a senior assistant position and need to know which skills to hone
  • Want to know the unique pressures, needs and requirements of today’s business leaders
  • Are looking for ways to improve your emotional intelligence to be the support your principal truly needs through a mutually beneficial partnership
  • This course is designed for administrative professionals including office managers, administrative assistants, personal assistants, executive assistants, chiefs of staff and more

The Results

  • Gain clarity with your principal to avoid ambiguity
  • Align your responsibilities to the goals and targets of the principal and company in order to articulate your value to the growth of the company
  • Recognize and cultivate your own Intellectual Property
  • Interview and research the principal to build a better understanding of their footprint
  • Future planning for success through time management, focus and support
  • Understand how to create and value your personal goals and how they contribute to your success as a senior level assistant

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