4 must have “time saving” health & fitness habits for super busy women

4 must have “time saving” health & fitness habits for super busy women


If staying healthy and fit is important to you not just to look good but to feel good, have more energy, be more productive, gain more respect and become all round more successful..


You must carve time out of your hectic schedule.


It’s not always easy to prioritise your wellbeing but it’s vital for your both your personal and work life happiness.


However, it doesn’t have to take as much time as you think.


Here are 4 health and fitness time hacks that require a small investment of your time upfront but give you a huge return on your investment and actually save you a tonne of time in the long run.


1. Batch cook


Not only does batch cooking save you time, it saves your waistline since it stops you from buying unhealthy calorie bomb meals in a rush.


Once you find some delicious recipes you can make 3-4 portions of with your eyes close you can literally cut your time in the kitchen per week down to 30-60 minutes.


I’ve got the batch cooking of my Sassy Bolognese & Mexi Mince recipes down to 20 minutes.



2. Train harder & smarter, not longer


Steer clear of the treadmill & LISS workouts if you’re short on time. 20-30 minutes of metabolic resistance training (MRT) is what you need to be able to go hard & go work (or home).


MRT is what the ladies in my programme do & it’s how they completely reshape and transform their bodies with little time to spare.







3. Plan your weekly goals & targets in advance


You plan your bosses schedule to a T to make their life easier so why not your own?! Including scheduling your batch cook and your workouts in.

When you have daily and weekly targets you spend less time thinking about what you need to do & more time doing what needs to be done.



Plan plan plan, schedule schedule schedule.. use your strength for your own benefit.



4. Walk.. everywhere


Walking is soooo underrated and it’s commonly unknown that it contributes to quite a large percentage of our daily energy burn.


Getting your daily step count up doesn’t mean putting aside 60 minutes to go for a walk.


You could walk while you’re on a phone call, pace up and down when waiting for the kettle or microwave, walk to someone to ask them a question instead of calling them, get off a stop earlier in your way home etc.




I hope you’ve enjoyed these time hack tips.. I’m a crazy busy woman running my own business and looking after all my clients so it’s necessary for me to learn how to save time where I can while keeping healthy & fit.

And it’s what I love teaching other women how to do.. I’ve got plenty more hack & tactics where they came from.


If you’d like more health & fitness secrets you can download my free e-book which has 11 in there for you.




Find out more at Tanya N Fitness!



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