Review: The Petersham Restaurant


The Petersham Restaurant is set within the heart of the 4 star Petersham Hotel which proudly overlooks the River Thames and is surrounded by the beautiful Petersham Meadows. With its richness in history and authenticity in hospitality, this restaurant ticks all the boxes if you love beautiful views and naturalistic surroundings.


A 10 minute walk from Richmond Station. Petersham Restaurant is situated in Central London over looking the River Thames.

Address: The Petersham Hotel, Richmond Upon Thames TW10 6UZ

The Vibes? 

Inspired by it’s stunning views of the Petersham countryside, it’s rich interiors are inspired by peaceful mornings where diners can comfortably look over from the restaurant itself.

What we ate & drank:

Starters: We went for the crab which you can see below and the Chicken Liver Parfait which comes in a beautiful purple apple shape. Presentation is just beautiful.


Chicken Liver Parfait

Mains: We went for The Beef Fillet & The Lamb Cutlet

Dessert: We had to try their famous cheesecake! It did not disappoint!

Our Thoughts?

Great views of Richmond, Private Dining Room, A wine cellar and plenty of event spaces- Perfect for Away Days!

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