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Gul & Sepoy is the third venture by the people behind Gunpowder and Madame D, opening its doors in 2017. Set as a split between the cuisine found in royal palaces and rural working class cuisine, it provides a mixture of both worlds, not substituting taste for elegance or elegance for taste.


Situated close to both East Aldgate and Aldgate underground stations, within close proximity to the Old Spitalfields market

Address: 65 Commercial St, London E1 6BD

The Vibes? 

The style of Gul & Sepoy seems to reflect its food style, a mixture of royalty and rural styles, with its elegantly beige colour scheme and simple but classy furnishings, reminiscent of a slightly dilapidated manor.

What we ate & drank

To start we had a butternut squash and lentil soup, served in a shot glass, with Bjara Roti, a type of hard bread. The combination of the creamy soup and the Bjara Roti, create a light balanced starter that wets you appetite for the next dish.

Then to follow a Yam and Paneer Kofta Chaat and burnt Achari cauliflower and potatoes. the rich flavors from the Paneer and Yam created a sweet but delicate dish. The burnt Achari vegetables were a favorite, burnt to almost a crisp, providing uniquely smokey taste.

For the main course we had Wild Prawn Kalimirich, the prawns were cooked perfectly and paired with the sauce and the lime created a balanced citrus and fresh dish. Then followed by Pickled venison Tartar with madras onion and banana chips, the venison despite the mention of tar-tar is not raw but instead is pickled, the ingredients are formed into a patty, combining the flavors of the madras onion and venison.

Our Thoughts?

Gul & Sepoy provides a refreshing take small plate Indian cuisine, the place to go to experience a whole range of Indian food, not too stuffy, not too relaxed, perfect for both social and business occasions!


We love that they have a Private Dining Room upstairs which can hold up to 20 guests.

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