The Murdér Express

Set onboard a glamorous train with lavish furnishings, Funicular group’s debut show, ‘The Murdér Express’ transports you back in time to the grandeur of the 19th century.

Immersive dining maestro Funicular returns with their popular show, The Murdér Express – set on board a 1930s luxury train carriage. Departing from ‘Pedley Street Station’, passengers are invited to experience ‘The Murdér Express’ as it makes its historic journey from London on the trip of a lifetime – to the fictional town of Murdér in France.

“When the largest cut diamond in the world is stolen and murder strikes, everyone becomes a suspect. Guests must pull up their velvet sleeves, find the culprit and recover the Jewel of the Empire before the train reaches its destination and they escape forever.”

Guests board via the elegant dining car, featuring plush booth seating lit by period table lamps. The menu, designed by MasterChef 2017 finalist Louisa Ellis, is served as the story of the ‘The Murdér Express’ unfolds. Tickets from £65.


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