The best food subscriptions in London

Cooking at home doesn’t have to be a faff, fighting in the supermarkets for the last lettuce leaves – there are loads of great food subscriptions out there that make it as easy and as varied as possible. If you’re already a keen cook then it might be a chance to hone your skills and cook dishes you might not have tried before. If you are consciously trying to cut down on meat consumption but sick of eating beans on toast, there are amazing veggie and vegan meal subscriptions out there. If you don’t like cooking, don’t have time, and just need to eat then, yep, there are still options to put something in the oven. It beats getting something on Deliveroo every single night that’s for sure. Here are our recommendations on the food subscriptions we’ve tried, tested and loved.







These guys are obsessed with plants. They have put together 100% plant-based meals that are tasty, accessible, convenient and are sure to win over anyone who turns their nose up at ‘that vegan stuff’. We jumped on Allpants to cut down on eating meat at home as well as having a meal that is already fully prepared. Once an Allplants meal is made it is instantly frozen, locking in all that nutrition and taste. The spiced aubergine tagine with sweet potato and chickpeas is pretty special as is the BBQ burrito bowl with jackfruit, peppers and beans, packs and punch and is super filling.

You build up your box of six meals to be delivered, choosing from a menu of 22. Then you choose your delivery date and all meals arrive frozen and ready to cook or pop in the freezer. You can set how often you want your six meals to arrive, or pause or cancel anytime. Super flexible.

The Cost
For two people, it works out £4.99 per serving, that’s just under £60 for six meals or just over £40 for six meals for one.



Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh



If you like to cook then Hello Fresh can send you a box full of ingredients and the recipes to make them. Yep, these guys help save time, money and stress. Simply pick how your plan on how many meals and for how many people along with how often and boom, your box will be on its way. In these options on your preferences, you will have choices to make like meat-free, no dairy, no pork, etc and that is taken into account. All the recipes are then matched to you, so your box is a bit of a surprise. Once received, all the ingredients are weighed out and the easy to follow recipe cards tell you how to create the dish.

The Cost
Meals start from just £3.44 per person. GET £10 YOUR FIRST BOX WITH CODE AGY47


Mindful Chef


mindful chef


Making cooking both fun and super easy, Mindful Chef offer recipe boxes to make nutritionally-balanced meals that is delivered to your door. There are lots of options to chose from, with over 96 recipes and your subscription can cater for 1, 2 or a family where you can set how many meals and how often, for example, 3 meals for a family of 4, three times per week, every week. They use the highest quality ingredients and have a zero-waste approach too.

Once you have your box you will see all the ingredients are there for you with anything that needs to be weighed out or where you need two tablespoons of, already conveniently measured out. Recipe cards detail the method on how to go about creating the meal and it is very straight forward, should be a max of 30 mins to make any of the dishes. Every week, 16 news recipes come into play so there’s always something new to try.

The Cost
For 3 recipes in a box for 2 people, it’s £36


Pasta Evangelists


Pasta Evangelists


Pasta through the post? Yep, it’s a thing thanks to Pasta Evangelists, who deliver fresh, artisanal pasta and sauces direct to your door, meaning you can whip up an authentic Italian dinner in just five minutes. Each box contains fresh, handmade pasta and a sauce – both made in London using seasonal ingredients – plus garnishes and instructions on how to bring the dish together. The menu changes weekly, with eight options to choose from but don’t go expecting spag bol. As well as the likes of crab tortelloni with a crustacean bisque and pappardelle with pork stracotto and cavolo nero, Pasta Evangelists likes to feature lesser-known regional Italian specialties like pesto Trapanese from Trapani and malloreddus from Sardegna.

The Cost
Prices start from £7.25 per dish



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