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Small Things to Remember . . .

I have recently changed roles, twice, after being in one role for 9 years. The change has been good.
I was a little scared at first – wondering what the world would be like outside the sanctity of my old
role – and I found it pretty much the same as it was before.

Small Thing to Remember – most things are scarier in your mind, don’t over think them.

In my first role change I was in a team of great change, new people coming onboard every week,
teams to build, interviews to schedule, etc.

It was daunting at first, but once I got to know the
people who interviewed and ‘On-Boarded’ me, they were happy to help & guide me.

Small Thing to Remember – do your own checklist for things that have multiple actions/deliverables.

Working alongside new joiners can be daunting for them (as well as your self) and they invariably
need a few simple things during their first week.

A solid Introductory Schedule to meet people in
their teams, as well as their peers. Working IT equipment. And a friendly PA they can ask anything.

Small Thing to Remember – get organisation charts, get fully working IT equipment & get a smile.

Fitting in with your new team and co-workers can be difficult. People are way busier than they used
to be, people find it hard to switch away from their computers and daily routines and most
importantly, not all people in your team will like you.

Small Thing to Remember – courtesy, manners and correct questions will help you no end. You do
not know previous ‘office politics’ and sometimes its best not to know. Be understanding too.

Working alongside your boss(es) can be strange, but you must, you absolutely must make time in
their calendars for you. Your first month is critical, you need as much time as possible with them to
learn what they do, how they do it and how your roles fit in with the company values and goals.
Small Thing to Remember – no matter how many times they say ‘give me a few minutes’ then an
hour goes by. Email them your questions, text them your questions and then sit face-2- face with
your questions. They will respect you for asking the questions and your tenacity for not giving-up.

Your own ‘Way Of Working’ – WOW – being WOW has got you where you are, sometimes we think
we don’t need to change, sometimes we think we are doing great as we are, but we do change, we
do need to evolve, we need to learn and we grow.

Small Thing to Remember – Learning & Change is the key to a great life. Never stop.


Written by: Zoe Walters- Anglo American



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