Signs Your Career Isn’t a Good Fit

Finding the right career isn’t easy. If it were, you would just randomly pick a career and be happy for the rest of your professional life. To find the right fit for you, you need self-reflection and you need to analyse all options to see which one will be lucrative and fulfilling. 


We’re not perfect—we can all make mistakes. If you ever feel your current career isn’t the one for you, take a look at this guide and find out whether you’re in the wrong job or not.  


You’re Not Growing 


Graduating from college does not mean you’ll stop learning. When you’re in a career you love, you become a life-long learner. In today’s world, everything is at constant flux. Therefore, if you ever feel that you’re not learning, it is a big sign that you’re not in the right career. 


Growing also means career advancement. If you ever feel stuck in your professional life and can’t find motivation, maybe it’s time to switch careers. 


You’re in Autopilot Mode


A career consultant called Alina Tubman said: “The one sign you are not in the right career is when you start to operate on autopilot and have mentally checked out of what you are doing.”


Feeling bored at work sometimes is natural; we’ve all been there. Sometimes the tight schedules and repetitive tasks make you feel like that. It happens mostly with professions that require repetitive tasks such as software engineering or manufacturing. 


It could all disappear when you go on vacation or rest for a couple of days. You can even try doing tasks you enjoy more or doing creative activities that keep you motivated. However, if you do that and still are not able to snap out of autopilot mode, you should start considering switching careers. 

Your Graduation Feels Like an Out 


It’s common to see people excited about their graduation because it’s an open door for many opportunities in their careers. However, some people believe that graduation is an exit, not the start of their professional life. They’re desperate to graduate, not because they want to start working, but because they’re tired of their career. 


Some people choose to graduate from a career they don’t enjoy just to have a bachelor’s degree. However, if this happened to you, you don’t need to settle. Even though you’re in the middle of a career you don’t enjoy; you can find a different path now. 


You Feel Anxious about Going to Work 


Feeling overly negative about your career isn’t normal. It’s ok to feel anxious once in a while because you’re not that motivated anymore. What is not ok is to have negative feelings about your career all the time. 


Nicole Wood, founder of Ama La Vida and career coach, said: “Many of our clients come to us with a severe case of ‘Mondayitis.’ They get anxiety on Sunday nights (and most weekday nights) thinking about work in the morning.”


If you’re working in a full-time job, you’re spending most of your time at work. Therefore, it is even more tedious if you don’t enjoy your career. People who are in love with their profession don’t even care about how much time they spend at work. But those who feel considerably anxious about work may not be on the right career path.


Your Career Doesn’t Align With Your Values


Your values should be reflected everywhere, no matter the industry you’re working in. However, if your current career doesn’t align with your values you might feel frustrated during your professional life. That’s why it’s so important to consider this when choosing a career. If you ever feel this with your current career, it could be time to look for a different profession. 




Although it may be frustrating at first, the best thing to do is to identity whether you’re in the right career or not. Not all cases will be the same, and maybe you did choose the right match, but you’re just going through some phase. However, if you have all of the previous symptoms, it may be time to switch careers. 

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