REVIEW: Temper City



It’s simple… Fire | Curry | Wine | Gin

Following the immense success of their first solo venture temper Soho, which opened in November
2016, barbeque expert Neil Rankin and business partner and Managing Director Sam Lee have
opened their second site in the City, specialising in gin, top quality wines from the New World and
curry cooked on their signature open fire pit.






Located in Bank’s trendy Angel Court- Home to Coya and Mint Leaf….



The Vibes?

As with temper Soho, fire and wine is at the core of temper City. The music, vibrant atmosphere,
smoke and theatre of the open kitchen is also central to the temper City experience. Meat is cooked
‘low and slow’ over oak and charcoal using unique smoking techniques developed by Neil.


What we ate?


The menu at temper City changes regularly and focuses on curry.




To start we went for the Octopus with Dahl, Chipotle and Black Vinegar and the Burrata with Lime and Jalapeno…






You need to get a Thali Plate! What is a Thali Plate??? Basically a plate bursting with all the flavours which includes: paratha, temper mix, spiced fried potatoes, tumeric pickles, yoghurt and tamarind sauce, peshwari dust and fresh herbs.





We had these with the Smoked Goat ( Absolute must) , Lamb Skewers ( Again you have to get them) and the Duck Masala ( Is there anything we don’t recommend!!)


We also got a side of chips with curry sauce which are insane!


What we drank?


Cockatail: Their signature Mr Faulty- Basil, Rum and Lime


We also got some G & T ‘s …. They have a great collection served in a goblet – our favourite!


Our Thoughts?


We have to say hands down to Neil Rankin, this place is unbelievable, the food is the best dinner we have had this year, the staff are so lovely and friendly and the atmosphere is buzzing!


You must check it out!




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Find out more about Temper City here



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