New 3-month bootcamp launched for personal development

Laura Capell-Abra, coach and founder of No More Ifs Or Buts and Stress Matters and Laila Datoo, coach and founder of A Life More Mindful have launched a personal development bootcamp that is designed to help people find more balance in life for less than £3 per day. The programme follows the success of the Thrive not Survive and Navigating the 7Cs of a Crisis webinars that the pair have been running since the start of lockdown.

As people find themselves in strange circumstances, a recent study by Lottoland found that more than 60 per cent of people are planning – or have already started – a regime of self-improvement while forced to stay at home.  Using the unique BE:DO Approach, the bootcamp offers individuals the chance to establish their values, their purpose, priorities and how to create their own personal balance. Think of it as the modern day work:life balance that is such an elusive concept to achieve and out of date to many professionals who seek a more complex balance.

The three-month programme is a mixture of group coaching, email coaching, online resources and personal coaching sessions. Each programme connects like-minded individuals using the power of a
community to support people through change but with the opportunity to discuss personal situations. Boosts are then available in all areas of wellbeing to supplement development as needed.

Whilst open to individuals, the opportunity also exists for organisations to integrate the Bootcamp into the development planning of their team.

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