5 Tips for Corporate Travel Management and the Best Tools to Use

The level of detail that an Executive needs when their travel is being booked obviously varies, however it goes without saying that booking travel can be very stressful, as there are so many different parts to it. Here we have listed some of what we think are the most important things to bear in mind to ensure nothing is missed, as well as some tools that may help you along the way.


Be detailed and prepared: The best way to start with this is to have a travelers profile form. This lists every detail of the passenger that you’re booking for. Starting with their name address etc, to their passport information, travel information, car rental, hotel accommodation etc. Every detail that is needed for the trip should be listed here, as it will then be on hand for any booking that is to come.

Use a travel itinerary template: This will make it easier to map out the whole trip for your executive and for them to see clearly where they are meant to be and when. You can view our Travel Itinerary template to help you with this.

Check the travel policy: Obviously no one wants to miss their flight, but sometimes it happens and it’s good to know the policy behind your booking before this happens. That way you can make the relevant changes quickly and efficiently. Some allow you to rebook without penalty, but for most there will be a charge involved. It’s always good to have a back up plan ready in case something happens.

Sign up for loyalty programmes: With the travel industry being so competitive you’d be surprised at how many different loyalty programmes there are out there and the perks you can get from them. Most of them don’t have a cost involved and will have some kind of positive response when used.

Utilize internet resources: There are a multitude of corporate management booking tools, corporate management software tools and corporate management tools. Below, we outline some of the corporate management tools online.


The Best Travel Management Tools to Use

Booking tools

Amadeus Cytric: Provides a personalized and seamless booking experience through business travelers’ preferred channels. Gives control and visibility over travel investment across the entire booking and expense process.

Egencia: Provides business travelers with 24/7/365 support. Travelers get one-click/one-call support when they need it from their team of corporate travel business agents who know exactly what the travelers want and how to get it for them as smoothly as possible.

Deem:This software solution is secure and powerful. They help corporate travel managers plan and arrange travel accommodations, build policy-compliant itineraries for any traveling employee, assist employees with travel issues, process expenses, monitor policy and budget compliance.


Scheduling tools

Tripit: There is a free version, but you can also upgrade to teams and to pro. It keeps your travel points in one place after you forward travel confirmations. You can store, edit and sync documents and then selectively share the travel plans you want. Trip it is most useful for confirmation numbers for flights, hotels and restaurants. It’s like an all-inclusive personal travel assistant.

AroundMe: Is perfect for those travelers who like to explore their surrounding areas. With AroundMe, you can explore anything in your proximity from chic coffee shops to banks and hospitals. It is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone free of charge.

Nextravel: This platform takes care of nailing down all the specifics of your business trips, even down to rebooking canceled flights. It’s great for companies as they are able to manage and track employee travel with one simple to use interface.

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