The Miss Jones Group Awards are a celebration of talent and achievement in the Administrative and Events sectors. From the plethora of nominations, our judging panel expertly select the best-of-the-best to recognise for their outstanding performances.

Know a great assistant?

If you know an amazing administrative professional in your organisation give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them today. The assistant will be notified that someone has nominated them and will be invited to apply. Don’t worry your nomination stays anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

Assistants, know you have really stepped up this year? 

Self-nominations are not only welcome they are encouraged. It’s your time to shine and tell the world the how you expertly wield your craft.




 Merit of Excellence 

We will be awarding five phenomenal administrative professionals the Merit of Excellence Award for setting an incredible example for others in the professional. We are looking for the most strategic, empowering, creative problem-solvers in the UK.


Award applicants will be expected to be able to demonstrate how their efforts during this past year helped keep the company moving forward, supported staff and went above and beyond the call of duty. The overall winner of this category will be the ‘Outstanding Merit of Excellence Award’



Rising Star Award

This award is awarded to the finalist who is able to show evidence they have made significant impact at their company while having only entered the industry in the past 3 years.


Leadership Award

This award is open to individuals who possess the job title Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant, who have a fundamental responsibility for managing a significant part or the entirety of their company day to day.


Outstanding Achievement

This award is for anyone who has gone above and beyond for their company over the past 2 years.



Virtual Assistant of the Year

This award is given to an individual VA who is either an independent business or a part of a larger agency. Nominations are welcome from former clients, to agency owners nominating someone in their team.



Ambassador of the Year

This person has demonstrated they are a true ambassador for our community by being an active and engaged member of our community. Someone who has demonstrated their love and commitment to the industry.



How it Works

  1. The simple nomination form makes it easy to put a spotlight on the worthy assistant in your organisation. Nominations are accepted from line managers, colleagues and assistants are invited to self-nominate.

  2. Once a nomination has been received, the nominee will be notified and invited to apply for the awards. Please pay close attention to:

    • Completing the application before the deadline

    • Paying close attention to the award criteria and questions and making sure all requested details are provided

    • Submitting as much evidence to support your application as possible. This should include any social proof (recognition posts, thank you or feedback emails, project details and more).

    • Only administrative professionals are invited to apply. You must be able to demonstrate that your title and role are 90% administrative. The most common job titles would likely include Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Office Manager, Chief of Staff, Personal Assistant, etc.

  3. You will also receive a link to share with friends and family to provide any further evidence of your achievements and impact to the business and those you support. This could range from a quoted testimonial to any supported evidence they are happy to provide. Please note that the number of nominations and evidence submissions will influence the judges. We are looking to recognise members of the community no matter the company size.

  4. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to the MJG Awards to find out if they have one on the big night.


Please be aware the following will NOT help your application:

  • Do not put too little information on the application. Take your time and make sure you have shown evidence that you were able to meet the criteria required for the award

  • Nominations and supporting evidence are welcome from colleagues only. We know your friends and family love and support you but as this is an industry award, only those you have worked with would be appropriate to support your application.


This award programme is dedicated to UK administrative professionals. You must be able to demonstrate that your title and role are 90% an administrative professional role. The most common job titles would likely include Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Office Manager, Chief of Staff, Personal Assistant, etc.

You may be asked to provide evidence of this once you have applied.


  • Finalists receive a free ticket to the in-person awards ceremony

  • An interview will be published with each award winner

  • Sponsored prizes will be awarded to each award winner


We Want to Hear your Favourite Venues & Suppliers of 2022


Best Hotel

Best Restaurant

Best Bar/ Pub

Best Team-Building Venue

Best Away Day Venue

Best Private Dining Room

Best Meeting Room

Best Supplier

Best Personality in the Hospitality Industry*

*This award is for someone within the hospitality industry that you have dealt with who you think deserves the recognition



Lisa Boissel 


CEO Miss Jones Group

Danielle Francis


Multi Award-Winning Executive Assistant 

Lucy Chamberlain


Entrepreneur, Speaker & Coach 


Founder of C&C Search

Lauren Bradley


Founder of The Officials

Dee Oteng


Multi Award-Winning Executive Assistant


Winner of the Miss Jones PA/EA of the Year 2022

Hen Barker

Stuart Martin


Award-Winning Senior Executive Assistant

Caroline Marshall

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This is great for handling objections, anything that would stop someone from nominating someone or themselves. For example:

  • I’d love to apply but I’m not sure if I have done enough. Should I apply?

    We get this a lot for members of the assistant community. It can be hard to talk about yourself and brag a little. As they say, “You have to be in it, to win it.” There is no harm in applying. Make sure you check the award criteria, eligibility details, and that you answer the nomination form questions carefully for the best possible chance to be selected.

  • Can I nominate someone for more than one award?

    Absolutely but you will need to complete a nomination form for each award.

    Just make sure you put which awards you are nominating them for and make sure you give some supporting statement that supports nomination for each chosen award.




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