London’s best spots for sunset watching

London has one of world’s most commonly known skylines and a plethora of sites to view it from. When the city feels like it’s never-ending, take a moment to reflect at one of these top spots.

The Sky Garden

2B UK at The Sky Garden. Holly Clark Photography. Rhubarb. Event Concept.

Based in the Walkie Talkie building, the Sky Garden offers panoramic views over London, whilst being surrounded the gorgeous foliage-filled atrium. The open-air terrace provides the perfect setting for those once-in-a-lifetime capturing moments, whilst the indoor levels allow you to explore amongst the urban jungle and take a moment to reflect, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Entry to the Sky Garden is free, but it is advisable to book ahead, particularly during the summer months. For an especially memorable experience we recommend heading there just in time for sunset, perfect for capturing the orange and pink hues painting the skies.

The Tate Modern viewing platform

If art isn’t your cup of tea, we’d still recommend the Viewing Level at The Tate, boasting 360 degree views of London. Not quite as high up as the Sky Garden, but equally beautiful in capturing the River Thames, St Paul’s Cathedral and Canary Wharf to name a few. During a clear and sunny day in London the views are gorgeous, but the platform is also worth seeing during the night, for the twinkling of the city lights that should be captured at least once in a lifetime.

Primrose Hill

Whoever said there isn’t any greenery in London had probably never visited the city! London is home to many beautiful green spaces, and Primrose Hill is popular for its views of the renowned London skyline. The top of the hill sits 63 metres above sea level, with the trees of the park kept low so as not to obstruct the view. Primrose Hill is the perfect setting for a romantic walk at sunset, or a family picnic after a trip to London Zoo, just across the road. If you fancy the early start, why not catch the sunrise with a cup of coffee to kickstart your summer’s day?

One New Change

Opened in late 2010, One New Change is one of the premier shopping centres in the city. However, it is little known that its Roof Terrace offers spectacular views, sitting right next St Paul’s Cathedral. Open to the public seven days a week, the green rooftop hosts various events during the summer months, ranging from yoga classes to free screenings of Wimbledon. If you fancy a bite to eat, the ‘instagrammable’ Madison’s Restaurant and bar offers cocktails and tapas, casual lunch settings, or the romantic dinner for two vibe.

Point Hill

Lesser known than its neighbour, The Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park, and also therefore much quieter, is Point Hill. By now, we’ve told you about a lot of the breath taking viewpoints of the city, where and when you can go, and so for this gem, we’ll leave you with the picture that paints a thousand words.  

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