Get Moving – Health Hacks to keep your body moving

Guest article written by Chris Pinner, founder of Innerfit

How many hours do you spend sitting down each day?

According to research by the British Heart Foundation, 39% of UK adults are “physically inactive”. The BHF estimates that the average man and woman sits for the equivalent of 78 and 74 days each year, respectively.

Government guidelines for physical activity are 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week and strength activities on at least two days a week. If you are in a desk based job, you face a greater challenge. A packed schedule of tasks that keep you sitting in front of your PC is hardly conducive to keeping fit.

It doesn’t have to be that way, you can take charge of your fitness and build movement into your day. , the health hacks below effortlessly slip movement & exercise into your day:

Take the stairs

Even if it’s for part of the journey, if there’s a chance to use stairs, go for it, thinking of your glutes as you climb.

10 minute lunchtime power walk

The average UK worker takes a 34 minute lunch break.

Whether you have more or less than average, find just 10 minutes to get outside and power walk. Vary the route to keep it interesting, smile and notice the world around you as you go, this time will quickly become sacred so you’ll never want to miss it.

Walking counts towards your physical activity target of 150mins, and it “opens up the free flow of ideas” (Oppezzo & Schwartz 2014).

Quick home workouts

Technology has brought a plethora of fitness workouts to suit every possible taste. With a laptop and wi-fi you can access both recorded fitness sessions and, more recently, livestream workouts.

Hundreds of pre-recorded workouts are available for free on YouTube from influencers like Adriene and The Body Coach. Platforms like Fitness Blender, Les Mills and Cody also offer a structured approach, you get to workout whenever and however you want.

Prefer to switch-off from the screen at home?

Go back to basics, some space, a rug and your bodyweight is all you really need. Get in touch if you would like some ideas or if you’d like to see the Innerfit Home Workout Guide.

These are just a few ideas for you to keep moving in spite of a busy schedule.

Research shows people are 33% more likely to achieve goals if they are:

1. Written down 2. Accountable

If you would like to make a positive change but you fear you won’t stick with it, have Chris hold you accountable, email [email protected] for a complimentary 2-week check-in, it might be the jump-start you need.


Chris is the founder of Innerfit. Before becoming a Personal Trainer and wellbeing coach, Chris worked at a top US investment bank, Strategy Consultancy and Sports Marketing agency. Innerfit supports companies to have a positive impact on wellbeing & performance.

These health hacks are examples taken from the Innerfit Lunch & Learn ‘Health Hacks for a Busy Schedule’

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