I am enough

By Suzie Flynn- Guest Blog Post


Before I bought my first home, I always wanted to have my own bookshelves, you know those floor
to ceiling ones. I love reading and I love learning ❤
That feeling of curling up on the sofa with a good book on a rainy Sunday afternoon, devouring my
latest book with a cup of tea ????
As I built my coaching business, I developed this thirst, this quench to absorb more and more
information. I could hear the voice in my head saying, ‘but if you just read one more book or take
another online course, you’ll be a better coach’.
Yes, I had imposter syndrome!
I felt that I was never going to know enough to support my clients on the level that they deserved. I
felt that I had to read another book or take another course to be ‘good enough’ to ‘know enough’.
This is so common whether you’re an Executive Assistant in corporate or you’re building a Virtual
Assistant business.
I shared at the Practically Perfect PA summit in October some strategies that you can adopt to get
control of your imposter syndrome and feel that you’re good enough and that you do actually know
enough in your role or to get going with your Virtual Assistant business.
Here’s some of what I shared…
Remind yourself of your accomplishments – Keep some kind of accomplishments book or
folder where you can go back and look at everything you’ve achieved across the course of your career and reflect on all of your hard work and achievements. I love to buy a gorgeous notebook for things like this ❤️
Update Your Language – Rein in your self-doubt and stop saying things like, ‘It might just be
me’, ‘this is probably a stupid question’. Practice being more confident and assertive and
assume your questions are valid.
Acknowledge and talk about your feelings – Know that it’s safe to acknowledge and talk about
your feelings. By talking about your fears you’ll find others will have experienced similar
feelings and that you’re not alone. A problem shared is a problem halved as the saying goes.
I’ve applied these strategies into my life over the years and now I can confidently say I’m a great
coach and no longer feel I have to read every book under the sun to feel I know enough or that
I’m good enough.
What one practice can you put into place today that can help you shift yourself out of that
imposter syndrome?
Remember, we are all imperfectly perfect and you are amazing just the way you are, so
just keep shining your light ✨
I’d love to connect you and you can find me on LinkedIn or Facebook or visit my website at
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