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Get Fashion Week Flawless Skin – tips from nutritionist Cassandra Barns




Nutritionist Cassandra Barns looks at three common challenges you can face during London Fashion Week, sharing some top tips and natural remedies to help keep you glowing and radiating positive energy. Having flawless, radiant skin is vital, as well as having boundless energy and stamina to cope with a demanding schedule, whether its on the catwalk or in the office!




1. Stress, travel and late nights




Fashion Week is not for the faint-hearted. Working the runway at all hours, late nights and constant demands on your energy can leave you drained, stressed and sleep-deprived. All this can take a toll on your appearance too, with puffy eyes and dark circles, dull skin and breakouts more likely. Your immunity can also suffer when you’re run-down – and the last thing you need is to come down with a cold to boot!




Thankfully, there’s a natural herbal helper that can come to your rescue. Ashwagandha is a wonderful herb that comes from traditional Ayurvedic medicine (Indian herbal medicine) and is now well known around the world. It’s classed as an ‘adaptogen’ – a herb that can help the body adapt to and cope with stress – and it has a reputation for supporting energy and having a rejuvenating effect on the whole body. Contrary to stimulating herbs such as ginseng, ashwagandha has a calming and anti-anxiety effect too. Ideal for helping you keep your cool when all around you are losing theirs! And in case you needed any more persuading, ashwagandha can even help you get a good night’s sleep, thanks to its calming effects.






We love Pukka’s Organic Ashwagandha capsules, taking two in the morning and two in the evening throughout the week – and beyond.




2. Dull and dry skin




When you’re dealing with late nights, lack of sleep and a hectic schedule, you’re probably relying on caffeine to keep you going too. But caffeine has a dehydrating effect and the more you consume, the more you’ll notice the effects in your skin.




If your caffeine consumption is creeping up – or you just need a skin boost – try swapping your coffee or tea for turmeric tea, such as Pukka’s Turmeric Gold. Among the many benefits of this super-spice, it can be fantastic for the skin. It has anti-inflammatory activity, helping to soothe and restore the skin and keep breakouts and redness at bay, and its natural antioxidants are thought to have an anti-ageing effect. Turmeric can also support the liver and help flush away toxins. It may even boost collagen production! For additional support in all these areas, you could also add in Pukka’s Wholistic Turmeric capsules, taking one capsule a day.




And if you do need an extra lift, we really loved Pukka’s Supreme Matcha Green tea. Green tea has a lower caffeine content than regular tea or coffee, contains more skin-boosting antioxidants, and is higher in naturally occurring theanine, which can help maintain calm and focus.






3. Bloating




When you’re on the go at all times of day and night, your normal eating schedule is disrupted too. We are eating all the time with Miss Jones Group, eating late at events, reviews or eating on the run. In general, just eating foods you’re not used to can play havoc with your digestion, leading to bloating. It’s not only unsightly, but also uncomfortable!




To help maintain your flat tummy and stay looking trim, try sipping on Pukka’s Cleanse Tea throughout the day. It contains fennel and peppermint, which are renowned for their soothing effect on the digestive system and their anti-bloating activity. As a bonus, the blend of ingredients in this fabulous herbal tea help to cleanse the blood and prevent toxin build-up in the skin, helping to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing too. What more could you want?#







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