Bread Ahead launch NEW E-Learning Platform

Expert bakers Bread Ahead have been leading the way during lockdown, educating those keen to learn and develop new skills through their daily live IGTV sessions, £5 e-books and Zoom workshops. Now the bakery are going one step further and have announced the launch of their NEW E-Learning platform.
Customers will be able to further improve their baking skills through partaking in online workshops where they will receive a downloadable e-workbook to help with their development on and offline. The workbook will include: an interactive shopping and equipment list, a section to write down questions before or following the workshop, helpful hints and baking tips and a link to some short videos and guides in preparation for the session. Following the session they will also receive a workshop recording so they can continue to practice the recipes in their own time.
The interactive workbooks are designed to break down the recipes into tangible steps, giving aspiring bakers all the preparation time they need prior to their workshop date. The live workshops are designed to be completed from the comfort of their own kitchens.
E-Learning workshops include British Tea Time, Doughnut, Italian Baking, Bagels and Pretzels and more. The first sessions will commence on Wednesday 17th June.
To book and see the full schedule visit the Bread Ahead website:
E-workbooks (which include your choice of live workshop booking) are £25.

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