What You Need to Know Before Starting Remote Consultancies

Whether you’re a virtual assistant or an event booker, remote work is a great way to keep your operations afloat in these uncertain times. Indeed, establishing yourself as a remote consultant can even help you grow your services once this global crisis is over, as it shows clients that you’re able to work independently. Without further ado, keep reading below for some factors you need to consider when establishing your remote consultancy.

Get the word out

If you’re reading this, chances are you have existing clientele — or at least a network you can call on. While you could leverage your existing network to help spread the word of mouth, you should also consider marketing your services to them, too. As a business strategy, Business 2 Community points out that reaching out to existing clients is much easier than attracting new ones. Customer loyalty goes a long way in growing your business, and offering premiums or discounts to existing clients can help you build this trust.

Rely on the right payment methods

This may take a back seat compared to flashier things like branding and website design, but it’s just as important to find the right payment method to build your company’s trust with your clients. Today’s clientele are very digital orientated, which means you need to be ahead of them in how you process payments. The benefits of digital processes showcased on FIS Global emphasises that a company’s digital payment process needs to include seamless payments, international processing, and increased acceptance rates. By offering the latest payment methods you are much more likely to increase your client base. And in return for these services, you will get a digital payment platform that lowers the cost of business while leveraging data to help you predict payment and consumer trends. Of course, it goes without saying that the right payment platform will also ensure secure transactions to keep both consumer records and your own data secure.

Be smart about digital marketing

Digital marketing is an essential component of any business strategy, especially those who offer remote services. eMarketer projects that the social buyer audience in the UK will balloon to over 14 billion by 2023. It’s a staggering figure that speaks to just how far purchasing trends have evolved thanks to the internet. Choosing the apps that you’ll rely on depends on who your target market is. Those who want to connect with fellow professionals can opt for LinkedIn and Facebook. On the other hand, event managers who want to create more dynamic content can go for Instagram posts and interactive Twitter threads.

Build an online persona

Once you have the right social media platform sorted out, it’s important to build your online persona. Having a website is always a good option for maintaining a sort of online home base for potential clients; from there you can start writing blog posts and sharing your insights with potential clients. However, investing in a website may not be an option for everyone right now. Don’t fret if this applies to you; just make sure to share insights in your social media posts and keep your information readily available. For instance, you can opt to write some long-form captions on Instagram or start Twitter threads.


Our previous post on How to Become a Virtual Assistant establishes the importance of setting the foundations of your practice first. Remote consulting opens up a world of opportunity and can help keep your practice growing.

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