8 Health & Fitness habits of confident, successful women!




8 Health & fitness habits of confident, successful women



Are your current habits affecting your health, happiness & work?
You’ve got no time, you’re tired & stressed (or hormonal) so you’re mindlessly snacking, skipping workouts, eating too much junk food, not getting enough sleep and drinking too much booze.
So you’re feeling even more tired, unhappy, guilty, unhealthy & less productive.
You know the saying “you are what you eat”. Which means if you want to be healthy, light and full of energy you should eat nutritious foods? Well the same concept applies to your habits. If you want to be:
– Successful 
– Productive
– In control
– Fit & healthy
– Confident
– Happy
– Full of energy
You need to adopt and model the habits of women who already ARE all of those things.
If you’re a hot, frazzled, unorganised, out of control mess right now.. yet you’re following the same routines day by day, falling into the same old habits then how do you expect anything to change?
How can working harder, skipping workouts & eating worse help you become the superstar PA, career ladder climbing goddess you want to be?
Here are 8 health & fitness habits of confident, successful women:
1. They plan & schedule their workouts like important meetings.
2. They stock their home & work cupboards with quick yet healthy food options.
3. They take the stairs & walk as often as possible to keep their step count high.
4. They keep a large water bottle with them at all times.
5. They do 1-2 batch cooks a week.
6. They start their day with a protein based meal.
7. They set a drink limit and stick to it.
8. They get at least 7.5 hour of sleep a night.
My tip.. work on establishing just ONE habit at a time for long lasting results & a sustainable healthy, successful lifestyle.
If you would like help breaking old habits to become a superstar career woman.. get in touch 🙂
Email me at [email protected].

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