5 Ways To Get In Shape Without Leaving The Desk

5 Ways To Get In Shape Without Leaving The Desk





Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day and just when you think you can’t physically or mentally add any more tasks to your To Do list, here comes your boss with a whole new pile of work.


At this rate you feel like you’ll never get home, let alone to the gym or to the shops to pick up some healthy food for dinner..


Desk and takeaway it is!


But with your increased workload, lack of time to workout and less than ideal diet.. you feel your waist start to expand, your energy levels plummet and your confidence start to waver.


Luckily getting and staying in shape doesn’t have to mean mornings and evenings in the gym or hours meal prepping in the kitchen.. you just need a few tactics to help you get through insanely busy periods.


Here’s some of mine:





Tactic 1: Stock up your kitchen and desk with food & snack items that can be quickly thrown together.


This will eliminate the chance of grabbing or ordering something unhealthy and calorific when you realise you haven’t eaten. Examples include:


Breakfast – Greek yogurt, berries & honey. Oats & protein powder. Eggs, bread & avocado (you can cook eggs in the microwave).







Lunch & Dinner – Microwave rice/quinoa, canned tuna, cooked chicken/turkey breast, salad, frozen pre portioned veggies (Birds Eye do good ones) and various approved ready or frozen meals.





Snacks – Protein bars (Grenade Carb Killas & Quest are my fave), fruit, Greek yogurt, nuts, rice cakes, oats cakes, crudités & hummous, popcorn or Kind bars.





Tactic 2: Schedule meal & snack times to avoid mindless desk snacking





Snacking, whether “healthy” or “unhealthy” can tally up to A LOT of calories if you’re not careful (hello bag of nuts = 400 calories) and it’s overconsumption of calories that causes weight gain. If you schedule meal & snack times, not leaving any longer than 3-4 hours between, and stick to the plan this will prevent mindless snacking behaviours.







Tactic 3: Try my favourite dieting technique Flexible Fasting


Perfect for when you need to create more time in the day, simply pushing your first meal (breakfast) back later into your day will free up your morning and make you much more productive, not to mention the calorie control benefits too. I call it Flexible Fasting because it has no rules, it’s completely flexible. You don’t have to use it every day and you can break the fast any time that suits you. Use water and black tea or coffee to prolong the fast and blunt hunger.









If you would like to learn more about Flexible Fasting, you can sign up for my next FREE 7 day challenge which teaches you the benefits of and how to implement this technique. Click here to sign up for the next one – http://www.tanyanfitness.com/weightlosschallenge





Tactic 4: Steal minutes to workout whenever you can


Walk to work, do 5 minutes of HIIT in the morning, do squats at your desk or in the toilet cubicle, walk home from work or get off 1-2 stops earlier. Who said you need to workout in one 45-60 minute block?! You could set yourself a daily squat target, start with 100, and make it your goal to complete 100 squats before the end of the day.





Tactic 5: Drink 2-3L of water a day


Keep a large 2L water bottle on your desk and aim to finish it before the end of the day. Water will help to keep you full, control cravings, keep energy levels up and keep things “moving”. Set reminders in your calendar or stick post it notes to your computer to build a strong, automated H2O habit.






These tactics will allow you to look after yourself, your health and fitness without adding any extra time or tasks to your already long To Do list.





Sometimes it’s easy (and necessary) to put other things before our diet & workouts, but finding ways to look after yourself even through crazy busy times is important not only to your own mental and physical wellbeing but also to those around you.








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