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The Punchbowl










One of Mayfair’s oldest pubs nestled away from the bustle of Bond street. The Punchbowl is the perfect place to get away from the office and take your lunch meeting to one of their three dining experiences.





The Vibes:





Enjoy a relaxed pint, catch up and feast on the catch of the day at the pub, or head upstairs into the stylish dining room for their excellent wine selection and sophisticated plates which showcase the best of British game and seafood.








What we Ate:  




Start with juicy heritage tomatoes and British burrata. 









The crispy squid coated in a golden batter is served with a tangy hoisin dipping sauce.






Wholesome Roast chicken Caesar club is packed with plenty of old spot bacon, avocado, baby gem, parmesan & lemon mayo. Don’t expect to leave hungry after this sambo! 







For a slightly healthier option, try the Quinoa, squash, roasted beetroot, fennel, orange segments & summer leaves salad. We added some juicy roast chicken!








What We Drank: 




The Dining room at The Punchbowl is bright and airy, so to sit back and sip on a glass of Cote De Provence from the global wine list this summer.







We Recommend:  




Treat yourself and try the Nutella donuts. Served warm, oozing chocolatey Nutella and piled with mulled winter berries, vanilla ice cream, and even more hot choc sauce!




Our Thoughts:




Once part-owned by Guy Ritchie, this Mayfair pub and dining room is now in new hands, and they have certainly set the standard as high as the other Mayfair locals nearby.





We also love the Club Private dining room which resembles a Victorian art collectors dining table with a menu of rare culinary gems to match. Take your office meeting to this unique private dining room and enjoy the fantastic seasonal fare served up in The Punchbowl.






**If you would like to make a last minute reservation for The Punchbowl or are interested in getting the best quote for a group booking contact us at [email protected] **



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