The Hottest Christmas Party Trend for 2021

Christmas is a time of celebration and joy. It’s about bringing people together and creating memories which everyone will talk about for weeks and months to come. It’s about having fun! So what will your Christmas Party look like this year? The truth is that we are still in somewhat of a  ‘no mans land’ knowing what will happen this winter. Will people want to gather together? Are people ready? Will we be in another lockdown? Do you have colleagues overseas who wouldn’t be able to attend a physical event? With all of these new questions flying around, many of us are hesitating to firm up our plans.


At Virtually Together we are fortunate enough to interact with clients from many different companies every day, so we thought we’d let you know what trend we are seeing for Christmas so you can have more confidence in your decision making! After all, you don’t want to leave it too late and miss out on the best venues or experiences.


So, what are we seeing?


Companies are encouraging smaller teams to have more intimate physical events together and then they are bringing the whole company together for a big virtual celebration! This really is the best of both worlds. People can enjoy that physical contact in smaller groups, but then the big virtual event allows the company to invite and include everyone no matter where they are in the world, it allows people to mix safely, and there is no worry about the event not going ahead due to potential restrictions. It’s a win win!


So, what could your big virtual company celebration look like?

Riding Home for Christmas is a fun new take on Virtual Horse Racing where you can enjoy Horse and Reindeer races with up to 1,000 people. Using live score boards, an online betting platform, gripping races and a brilliant host, the whole group will feel involved in the action. Be divided into groups and your individual score will contribute to your overall team score, bringing some healthy competition to your celebrations.


Cocktails for Christmas? Whatever your group size, wherever they are, you can enjoy delicious cocktails in this masterclass. With international delivery and multiple hosts available, no one will be left out of the celebrations. Whether you want everyone joining in the same room or be split into breakout rooms for a more intimate experience, your hosts will show you all the tips and tricks to making delicious drinks for your Christmas celebrations.


Magic Show will always be a crowd pleaser and a show-stopper when you have the incredible magicians at Virtually Together perform for you. Engaging the audience no matter the size and able to tailor tricks to your group in order to make it a personal experience. Wow your guests this festive season with the magic of Christmas!


Family friendly and a fun, creative experience, Virtually Together’s Balloon Reindeer Workshop is the perfect activity to get everyone laughing this Christmas. All join from one Zoom room or be split into breakout rooms for more of a workshop feel! The Reindeer Balloon Workshop combines comedy and engagement to create the perfect icebreaker.


A classic favourite with a twist, A Christmas to Remember Murder Mystery Party will bring the drama and theatrics to your event. Watch the actors unfold the mystery in front of your eyes and work together to uncover the murderer. This murder mystery works well for large groups as everyone plays Detective and the actors will lead the show.


Join the trend and make special memories this Christmas with your Big Virtual Company Christmas Party! Book yours with Virtually Together.



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