Book your Christmas Party at 8 Northumberland

8 Northumberland still have availability for Christmas Parties!


They  have the following dates available in December

4th Whole Venue

5th Whole Venue

6th Whole Venue

8th Ballroom only

10th Whole Venue

11th Whole Venue

12th Whole Venue

13th Whole Venue

14th Whole Venue

15th Old Billiard Room and Annex

16th Old Billiard Room and Annex (most being 2nd option) so still good availability!



The King Of Hearts Ball – Ballroom

No-one questions whether they’ve met the King of Hearts, as after all, he’s a character you just can’t forget. Everything they say about him is true. He’s outlandish yet charming and larger than life itself which of course explains why this is the invite of a lifetime. As whilst the King of Hearts is a generous man he surrounds himself only with the most fabulous of people. He’s royalty beyond royalty. He seems untouchable but tonight you’re stepping into his eccentric world. Come in and see his worlds at The King of Hearts Ball.




The Wondrous Wonderland  – Old Billiard Room & Annex

We invite you to a party, a Wondrous kind of party. Now let us tell you about this party. You know you haven’t been before but yet it’s oh so familiar. Follow the signs through the tunnel and come and join us on a journey through this magical vortex to a brand-new world of the wonderful and weird. It’s like nothing you know so jump on into The Wondrous Wonderland.



Interested in finding out more or booking the venue? Email [email protected]


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