Sherlock, The Game Is Now

Discover this private area within The Mind Palace – a
speakeasy for the curious in West London.

Sherlock: The Game Is Now is a 100 minute live
immersive escape game brought to you by
Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the makers of
the hit TV series in collaboration with Time Run,
escape room pioneers.

Enter into the world of Sherlock with immersive
sets and environments from the show, as you
work together as a team to solve mysteries and
puzzles before time runs out.

They offer group discounts for bigger teams including exclusive
use of the venue. With partnerships around the local area we
can provide a whole day of entertainment – from brain
boosting breakfasts and victory feasts to afternoon tea at

Team Building

You’ll need critical thinking and creative problem-
solving to crack this brand new Sherlock mystery.

Come together as a team to solve puzzles and clues
with help from original cast members, including
Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott and Martin
Freeman, in original video and audio sequences.

All groups receive a breakdown of their team’s
strengths with each game designed to challenge and
test skills such as:

Creative problem-solving

Offering a full day immersive experience with breakfast, tea, sweet and savoury platters, or…

Live Music – From swing bands to DJ sets, get your
detectives dancing with our various music options.

Immersive Cocktail Experience – Keep your team
on their toes with a drinking experience that
combines creative cocktails and puzzle solving.

Magic Act – Bring a real-life Sherlock into the mix
with a close-up magician and entertainer for the

The Mind palace and Library experience

The Mind Palace Bar and The Library are great spaces for a variety of large events such a private parties, meetings, product launches, conferences, team building and soclialising.

Turn your event into something extraordinary with a
choice of unique entertainment options, and enjoy a whole host of different catering options for your
group including;

Pizza + Drink £17, canape options including Christmas Specials £12, sweet and savoury platters including cheeseboards,
sandwich selections, fruit plates and individual desserts.
Price on request.

The space can hold up to 80 pax sitting and 120 pax

For more information or booking refer to the party packages at


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