REVIEW: Greyhound Cafe


Greyhound has brought their flagship restaurant Greyhound Café to Fitzrovia. The brainchild of Thai designer Bhanu
Inkawat, Greyhound was unveiled as a fashion house in 1980. Later in 1998, Bhanu launched Greyhound Café in the chic neighbourhood of Sukhumvit, turning the Greyhound brand into a lifestyle phenomenon.


In Fitzrovia, set over two floors, featuring a canopied patio at its entrance welcoming guests.

What we ate?

Grilled FakThong Tofu Salad

This dressing is amazing! Our waiter recommended it and we were so glad he did!

Sea Bass Miang

You have to get this!

I can’t order Sea bass in Thai Restaurants as they are just so delicious with loads of flavour.

Hot Oil Pork Knuckle

This was our favourite dish so yum!

Bangkok Bruschetta

Toasted baguette topped with spicy pork larb and Thai-style tomato salsa. Pork Larb is one of my favourites so I absolutely loved this!

Our Thoughts?

We really loved this restaurant! It is so hard to find a good Thai in Central as there are loads in East London so I think it’s a great addition to Fitzrovia!

I will be back very soon!

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