Soho’s favourite Vietnamese, Cay Tre, is dishing up fresh, traditional Vietnamese dishes with an added kick of Soho flair!








First opened on Old Street, Cay Tre’s second restaurant is a Soho resident on Dean Street.




The Vibes?




Expect Vietnamese street food dishes using the best in quality ingredients with heady aromas and aromatic flavours bringing an authentic taste of Vietnam to London!






What we ate?




Traditional summer rolls with either tofu, prawn or salmon. While the bbq pork springs rolls are another must, a staple favourite for Cay Tre regulars as we were told!






Of course, Pho is king in Cay Tre, and we opted for the hearty Hanoi Garlicky Pho with flash fried hanger steak & whole garlic.







We Recommend?




If Pho is not Pho you (couldn’t help it!) the Hanoi BBQ bowl is also delicious, with BBQ chargrilled pork noodle salad, pork
shoulder, Vietnamese Herbs, rice vermicelli.






Our Thoughts?  



Fresh and fast food packed with distinctive Vietnamese flavours, Cay Tre offer something for everyone! Make sure to call in the next time your hungry for a feed in Soho!




Check it out here

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