REVIEW: Brunch at the Motley

Motley is a unique restaurant offering in Whitechapel, with a eco-conscious ethos. Reducing waste by creating some amazing dishes from leftovers. But by no means does that mean these dishes are sub-par, actually the opposite. With creative dishes such as reusing the croissants, creating a new take on the classic bread and butter pudding.

With the introduction of Motley Mash-Ups on a Saturday from 12-3. Keep the party going or get it started with Live music and a bottomless mimosas bar. But if your nursing a hangover and don’t fancy some hair of the dog, fear not, there is a great selection of tea’s, coffees and Juices.

The Brunch Motley serves has some unique offerings, including a pulled pork topped muffin and buffalo fried chicken on a waffle. Straying away from the current brunch of over presented egg dishes and trends, bringing some great twists on some of the breakfast/brunch classics.

The Mash Up is the perfect way for groups to enjoy brunch which some great sharing options. Such as the big pan breakfast, consisting of eggs baked with forest mushrooms, plum tomatoes and lentils in a fiery sauce, topped with guacamole and served with sourdough.

Also many of the dishes are Veggie friendly and locally sourced, such as the superfood Avocado burger, Beetroot patty, lettuce, pickled red onion, sweet potato fries, chickpea mayonnaise. Appealing to the eco-conscious and keeping in line with their eco-focused image.

Motley Mash up Brunch is available from 11:30am -3pm Saturdays, visit to find out more.

Reservations: [email protected]

Location: 42 Adler St, Whitechapel, London E1 1EE

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