Miss Jones X MIND Charity

Miss Jones Group has joined forces with elite Athletes from the UK and across the globe to raise funds and awareness for the mental health charity MIND.

More info can be found here

The athletes are part of a global CSR movement ONE SPORTING WORLD www.onesportingworld.com which involves zero cost, risk or work for corporates to link up with the athletes to raise funds for the corporates choice of charity, adding to the £504K in donations already raised for good causes through these experiences.
Detailed in the DISCUSSION on our facebook page are a variety of virtual and safe outdoor live experiences to buy now or bid on, representing ideal for gifts or as team building opportunities.

You can view all the experiences here to bid on


As well as in the UK, we have examples of these experiences in Canada, the US, Australia, France and New Zealand, with more Olympians coming online in 2021.
As since 2012, there is no cost to the charity, the participants pay for the entry fee and make a donation on top. If you have any queries, please contact [email protected].

Post auction, Miss Jones Group will be in touch to collect payments and forward the funds raised to MIND.
Many thanks for your support and please share with the sports lovers in your network of colleagues or friends by tagging them in the comments.

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