Lighting Tips


Avoid sitting in direct sunlight during a video call, as it causes unflattering shadows.

Always film facing light – do not film with a window behind you.

Shooting with the window behind you will cause silhouettes.

Use additional light to compensate.

Fluorescent lights can flicker on camera.

Switch it/them off during filming.

Most flickers are not visible to the naked eye, monitor through the camera.

Computer monitors can also flicker.

Video LED lights give the most control.

LED lights can be expensive; however, you can get wallet-friendly options on Amazon.

You usually need at least two light sources to achieve a professional look.


*Prices range from £14.00 – £40.00


Zoom Filter:Touch up my appearance

To enable it, go to preferences on zoom, click on the video icon then select the third box under settings, “Touch up my appearance”.

It evens out your skin tone to give you a fresher appearance.



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