Kids wellbeing, what does that mean?

Are our children balanced?

As parents we are constantly being told to ensure our children are healthy and well, but no-one talks about emotional balance or ensuring our children are feeling good from being mentally stimulated and emotionally supported. Yes, we all know that kids need to be physically fit, eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water and receiving good rest, downtime and creative activities. But how do we work at supporting their mental and emotional wellbeing?

As a professional, working in lifestyle businesses with children, I understand the importance of offering exercise, whether that be through team sports, athletics, dance, exercise classes, swimming, cycling…you catch my drift. Keeping our kids physically active is important, it is good for growth, strength, muscle development and brain activity. So, without doubt we should be making sure our kids are active daily, whether that be from walking, or from the above choice of sport, or maybe just playing outside, kids move quicker, kids move quicker than we can, and burn calories like the wind, if they are allowed and encouraged to do so.

But what about emotional support?

Kids need to talk, understand and learn from parents/guardians. We need to nurture those difficult thoughts our kids might be having, and through talking remain positive about outcomes, keeping negativity away from young minds, because they simply don’t understand it like we do (or at least we like to think we do). Kids don’t need dark conversations clouding their lives, they need to be upbeat, and positive about learning. The bottom line is they need to be kids. Technology has become such a massive part of society, and is causing more and more mental health problems in adults, what is this doing to your child? Limit the time on technology, encourage talking, reading, writing, exploring and getting outdoors. Being at one with nature is fabulous for young minds, lets support this. Enjoy the goodness you can wrap your child in, not the technology and negativity around you.
Mental support for children is equally important.

As someone who has learnt from a young girl the values of talking, fitness and mental health through my own life story, I understand wholeheartedly the importance of supporting children’s mental health, supporting their challenges and encouraging young minds. Kids love a challenge, to be creative and to discuss their findings. It is a great way to keep young minds sharp, engaging in different activities outside of exercise, talking to their parents and enjoying the great outdoors exploring. How about some brain training activities or drama creativity, or science based external classes? There is a lot out there to support your child, and many people wanting to support you.

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