How gratitude can change your life

Until a little while ago I didn’t fully understand the benefits of gratitude. I never really understood how it could make you ‘feel’ and the importance of putting ‘feeling’ into your gratitude practice. When I did this, everything changed!

Having a gratitude practice has been scientifically proven to help you sleep better, increase your self-esteem and increase your physical and emotional wellbeing. But it’s more than just hurriedly writing down three things you’re grateful for each day.

When you take the time to focus on the small and simple things in life and really feel into that experience, then you get to change the way you show up in the world and how you react to challenging situations.

Heck, we’ve all gone through some challenging situations in 2020 and I truly believe that leaning into and feeling gratitude in your life can help you increase your emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing.


Take some time out to notice what you feel when you practice gratitude. Let’s focus on an example here. So, let’s say you feel grateful for the comfort of your sofa. Let’s go a bit deeper with that. You’re grateful for your comfortable sofa and the experience it allows you to have, you then notice the silence of the morning around you and as you tune in you notice more, such as the birds singing outside and the gentle ticking of the clock. You’ve gone from feeling grateful for the sofa and expanded your awareness to what was happening around you. What you see, hear and feel. As you sit in this experience, you’ll notice the positive emotions rising in your body and as you do that you can really feel into those positive emotions. I encourage you to close your eyes and really tune into that feeling, into those positive emotions.


What do you feel in your body, is there a colour to it, where do you feel it in your body?

Really take some time sit and be present with that feeling, to be grateful for that experience. It is a gift, and you will only have that moment once in your lifetime. So, relish it, feel into it, experience it and be grateful for everything it gives you in that moment. Then carry that positivity and that feeling with you throughout the day.


Take time to reconnect back with how you felt in the moment and know that it’s immediately accessible to you any time you desire to shift your emotions and spend time in gratitude.


I look forward to hearing your gratitude experiences and would love to connect with you. So please do reach out to me  at,, [email protected] and 




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