Easy Healthy Eating – Health Hacks you’ll love

Guest article written by Chris Pinner, founder of Innerfit

We’ve all done it! No time for lunch so we reach for the crisps and chocolate bar, an hour or two later we’re hungry so it’s off to the vending machine and food is all we can think about, concentration and effectiveness is more affected than we realise.

There are easy ways to avoid falling into the trap. Even with your busy schedule, you can eat healthily.

Healthy Eating Health Hacks:

Stay Hydrated

Honestly, how much water do you drink each day?

We know how clever and big hearted you are, but your brain and heart are actually composed of 73% water. Water is literally a huge part of us and it contributes to physical and cognitive performance.

Dehydration of just <2% body mass loss causes fatigue, altered mood, and impairment of several cognitive functions such as memory and attention. And it is totally avoidable.

Drink at least 2 litres of water per day throughout the day. That number increases if you exercise, for example.

Check your urine – it should be a very pale straw colour, if it is any darker you are probably dehydrated and need to drink some water.

If you feel you need to get more water Have a bottle or jug on your desk within easy reach. There are some excellent reusable bottles like this one from Joseph that help you to keep track and motivate you to hit your target every day.

Choose Unprocessed Snacks

Ever hit that 3pm energy slump? Crave sugar/caffeine/anything to keep you going?

Eating processed foods can disrupt your blood sugar levels and contribute to poor health resulting in poor concentration and ultimately, poor performance.

Good quality protein, whole grains and healthy fats offer a great solution. Unprocessed foods, especially complex carbohydrates (combined sugars that still need breaking down) release energy more slowly, keeping blood-sugar levels more stable, hence minimising the sugar highs and lows that have us reaching for unhealthy snacks. In other words, it gives you more control.

After a healthy, balanced lunch, why not add some healthy snacks into the mix. High-fibre fruits or high-protein nuts, for example are a great alternative. Get in touch with Chris for more examples or have a read of the [article] he wrote for {publication}.

I hope this has motivated you to eat & drink well in the face of a busy schedule.

Many of my clients just need accountability to kick-start them on the right track. If you would like to have Chris hold you accountable, please email [email protected] for a complimentary 2-week check-in. Research shows most people are 33% more likely to achieve goals if they are written down and there is a commitment to progress.


Chris is the founder of Innerfit. Before becoming a Personal Trainer and wellbeing coach, Chris worked at a top US investment bank, Strategy Consultancy and Sports Marketing agency. Innerfit supports companies to have a positive impact on wellbeing & performance.

These health hacks are examples taken from the Innerfit Lunch & Learn ‘Health Hacks for a Busy Schedule’. If you have any questions, or want more tips, to please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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