Where to watch the 2018 World Cup

With the World cup coming up here are some of the best spots to grab some food, drinks and enjoy the game.


Flat Iron Square is providing a massive outdoor screen for you to watch ALL of the World Cup. With seven street food kitchens, five bars, three food trucks and two restaurants, you won’t be short of options while watching the footie and with all these options there will be something for everyone under one roof/arch.



Bounce the home of Ping-pong will be switching things up, switching a Ping-Pong ball for a football. Providing a 12ft screen to view the action in full cinema style and some great deals on food and drinks and even a brass band and singing section for major games!



Box park are going big for the world cup, screening it at both Shoreditch and Croydon locations. With some great deals from the numerous vendors and almost no end to the choice for food and drink, the only difficult decision is what to pick, but hurry if you want to snag a place as its likely to be very busy!


Piano Works

Combining Music and football, the live music venue will be screening games, whilst after every game a live band performing to your song requests, so make sure you get on down to request some classic footie anthems and grab some good deals, with a burger, fries and beer only £10!


Skylight London

Enjoy the football whilst in the open air, Skylight London offers a unique viewing for the world cup on a rooftop bar, you will be torn between the beautiful view of the skyline and watching the game!

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