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We have just launched our sister website What’s Open Now

Struggling to navigate the new normal? Not sure when your local will reopen? Wondering whether to take your face mask or not? A new website has just launched to help you figure it all out…




What’s Open Now is a new website dedicated to knowing what is open around your local area, along with the safety measures in place.

The website has been created to provide real-time information about opening times and safety measures, both to help Londoners figure out the logistics of a trip out, and to help the hospitality industry get back on track.

From the basic question of ‘are you open?’ to whether masks are available, what kind of social distancing measures are in place, if there is an outdoor area and toilet facilities, the site should make navigating the new normal of dining out, going for drinks and staying in hotels much easier.



Categories on the What’s Open Now website, created in partnership with Miss Jones – the corporate insider for PAs, Event Bookers and HR Professionals – include Restaurants, Bars & Pubs, Coffee Shops, Services, Hotels & Stays, Gifts, Beauty, Wellbeing & Gyms and, of course, Toilets.

Just pop your location in the search bar and you’ll see what’s open. There’s also a map to help you find the closest places to you.

You can also search by category if you fancy a bit of an explore, and the ‘Popular Right Now’ facility let’s you know what everyone else is looking at (whether you feel the pull of the crowds or would prefer to keep well away).

The more businesses that sign up, the more useful the site will be, and with a free 30-day trial, let’s hope they do!


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