What To Do This Week 19/04


As the weather continues to improve, make sure to head over to Motcombs for an unforgettable outdoor dining experience! Once described as the heart of Belgravia, the Motcombs of today is a warm and friendly Brasserie and Bar, boasting a hearty menu that will get your stomachs rumbling!

Visit: Motcombs


READ A NEW BOOK- Salvage the Bones

Salvage the Bones follows a lower-class African-American family in the run up to Hurricane Katrina. Exploring themes of young pregnancy, survival, state abandonment and coming of age, this is a book that you won’t want to put down.

Visit: Amazon


NEW SERIES- The Circle

This reality show explores the deception of social media, as contestants are given the choice to enter the show as either themselves or with a ‘catfish’ profile, tasked with making friendships, alliances and rooting out the fake profiles! But will the catfish survive until the end…

Visit: Sky


HOST SUCCESSFUL EVENTS- With Principles of Business Event Management

Do you want to increase the overall success of your events? If your answer is yes then this one day accredited training course is the perfect way to invest in your business, teaching you to plan and execute truly successful events. Make sure to register before the 19th May.

Visit: The ‘Events’ section on our website!


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