What to do this Week 15/03


The eight-episode series is based on the best-selling book by British author John Marrs.

It presents a world where a DNA test can find your perfect partner – the one person you’re genetically predisposed to fall passionately in love with.

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READ A BOOK – Happy Families

Set in a place you never read about and featuring characters you never read about, Happy Families is a tender, funny and heartwarming story for fans of Rachel Joyce, Graeme Simsion, and Gavin & Stacey. Amy’s thirty-four and has just moved back in with her grandfather. Why did she give up her glittering career in the big city to go back to work in the small-town Chinese takeaway where she spent her bookish and boring childhood? It’s a secret she won’t tell. Just like the secret of why her grandfather, Ah Goong, and her father, TC Li, haven’t spoken to each other in thirty years. Weirder still, they lived in the same small flat above the takeaway for the majority of those years, Amy’s mother Joan acting as go-between and buffer. Now Amy’s parents have moved, leaving her in charge of looking after the old man. But then Ah Goong collapses in the street and time is running out if Amy wants to play happy families before it’s too late.

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GET CREATIVE- With Creative Jungle by M.Y.O

Want to do something fun, inclusive and memorable with your team? Want to boost team spirit and connectivity?
Get Creative together in a Creative Jungle Virtual Team Building session!
Choose 5+ different creative kits delivered to your door with everything you need and the option for a live class with our Creative Team, you and your team can enjoy a relaxing and interactive session virtually!
10% Off Live Class Fee – Quote MISSJCREATIVE on booking


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TREAT YOURSELF – Clove Club at Home 

The Clove Club meal kit will translate their restaurant experience into a box for you to enjoy at home.

The opening menu will include Cold Smoked and Cured Wiltshire Trout with Almond Milk, Braised Kombu and Prune Kernel Oil, XL Orkney Scallops baked in Brioche with Jus Gras, Ramsons and Elderberry Capers, and Glazed Dartmoor Beef with Jerusalem Artichoke and Potato Puree, Pickled Walnut and Horseradish.

The menu is priced at £95 per person and includes house made bread and house churned butter, two small composed bites to begin, five courses including dessert and then three sweets to finish.

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