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Zing Events

Zing Events

Zing Events specialise in indoor, outdoor, corporate and company away days in London and the UK.

Are you ready for an outdoor team building adventure like no other? Zing Events is your go-to expert in creating thrilling and engaging activities that will take your team to new heights!

Our activities are designed to inspire and motivate your team to work together, think outside the box, and have a blast while doing it. Don’t settle for boring corporate team building – let Zing Events create an unforgettable outdoor experience for your team!

Our Favourite Outdoor Team Building Events


Explore our top four outdoor team building activities, or choose from our fantastic selection below. Let’s see what your team can achieve outside the office!

Top 4 Picks


Soap Box

A thrilling event harking back to a bygone era as teams develop and construct a race-ready self propelled soap box car from the materials provided.  Will your creative design get you to poll position?  Can you handle the pressure of our action packed race finale?


GPS Adventure

Guests will visit a variety of locations to unlock GPS hotspots containing a series of tasks and challenges. Each will require a team strategy and plenty of consideration to return maximum points for the team. Only once correct answers are submitted do we reveal the bonus point opportunity, which is the scavenger item you’ll need to hunt for.


Sphere Outdoors

Do you and your team have what it takes to be tested to the max in this varied indoor team building activity?

Teams compete head to head in a whole variety of different challenges to win as many points as they can for their team. Our activities are varied to suit all skills and are specially designed to encourage attributes including communication, logic, co -ordination, problem solving and time management.


Putt a Hole in Hunger Outdoors

Putt A Hole In Hunger brings the world of charity, golf and team building into one activity.

Teams are tasked with building a mini golf course, the twist is that the golf course is constructed from non perishable food. This food is then donated at the end of the activity to a local food bank and with thirteen million people living below the poverty line in the UK, this activity really can make a difference to those people.


Full list of Outdoor Activies


Back to School

Don’t forget your PE kit… a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a Zing’s take on the good old fashioned sports day.  Hosted by our former PE teacher (that’s what he says anyway!) all the classic races are included… egg and spoon, three legged, sack race and many more.  You can also try your arm at tennis  and Javelin before the fancy dress relay finale.  And forget the mum and dads race… let’s see those senior managers run!


Beat the Screen

Beat the screen has a totally unique format and was designed in mind to get people away from their desks and cut down on their screen time. We’re all guilty of it – and never more so since Covid. The activity includes a 30-minute screen-break in the middle to encourage guests to get away from their desks and complete video or photo challenges either indoors or preferably outdoors to boost wellbeing and enjoy some fresh air.


Escape the Box

Inspired by the Escape Room phenomenon, our Escape The Box challenge requires teams to work through the myriad of clues in order to ‘unlock’ the next part of the game. They must progress through the 12 sequential stages as quickly as they can, while correctly completing questions and challenges as they go. Teams who employ a thoughtful strategy and manage their time carefully shall prevail.


Garden Games

The company summer party is seldom complete without a variety of fun and engaging outdoor team building activities to entertain your staff or suppliers. This outdoor team building event gives you the client a huge choice of activities. This means that you can put together an event that everyone in your company will love.


Ultimate Explorer

Warning….corporate treasure hunts have just got seriously sexy! Track down your prize using our unique GPS app that works on a Google Maps interface and with either the latest Samsung Galaxy Tablets OR iPad Minis.


GPS Secret Agent: In The Field – Virtual Host

Take to the streets to track down the suspects in this high profile espionage, in person socially distanced team building activity.

Your mission is to work together as a team to uncover the culprit using all of your spy skills. Using your own smartphones and working in teams, having downloaded our App you will head to local hot spots that our team have planted in your chosen location.


GPS Treasure Hunt – Crystal Zones

Our Crystal Zones GPS Treasure Hunt is TV inspired and focuses on teamwork and overcoming a wide variety of inclusive questions, challenges and conundrums whilst endeavouring to collect as many Crystals in the process!


GPS Treasure Hunt – Discovery

Take the path less travelled for your next team building event with our fantastic GPS Discovery Treasure Hunt that uncovers local areas of interest and leaves teams wanting more. The journey really is more important than the destination has never been truer, as the saying goes.


GPS Ultimate Explorer – Live Host

If you’re in a dilemma on which theme of socially distanced, Live team building activity to book – look no further than our Ultimate Explorer activity; combining all of your favourite team building tasks and challenges from yesteryear, teams will harness and pool the power of their creativity and communication skills when answering questions, photo and video challenges – and conundrums. Teams will need to stay on their toes, as there is no knowing what’s coming next – every task is completely removed from the one that preceded it.


Ipad FIlming

This cutting edge team building concept utilises the very latest technological advances in modern movie making, using our Apple iPad tablet computers and our user friendly editing software. It allows our clients to get creative and enjoy filming in full. Few team building activities have tangible results, but our iPad activity is the ultimate in creative challenges, as clients enjoy the opportunity of directing, acting and capturing high quality videos in full HD.  This activity doesn’t necessarily require a venue, as we can start and finish this 3 hour team building activity in your office space… The world is your oyster in this technology led team building activity.


Its A Knockout

One of the best summer team building activities, provoking nostalgia from the bygone TV show –  generating spontaneous laughter to keep your whole team entertained. Run as a head to head against your colleagues, you will compete in a number of zany and whacky challenges from giant inflatables to crazy costume relays to see who will reign victorious.


Level Up

Made up of 10 interactive levels, this frenetic activity is packed with questions, challenges and loads of fun! But here’s the catch, each passing level becomes more and more complex and the higher the level, the higher the points! Does your team have what it takes to Level Up, in this Socially Distanced activity? The aim of the game is simple … Score as many points as possible before you run out of time!


Superhero Academy

Our Superhero Academy is a fun activity for teams to display their superhuman powers, in a variety of “ultimate tests” from Strength, Senses, Agility and Weaponry. Think of it as the training camp for the intergalactic! Teams that work together and show the best communication skills can expect to win big. The activities are inclusive and varied for all guests, with points available for both brains-and-braun!


Team Survival

Welcome to the ultimate team survival activity. Inspired by all things survival, think Bear Grylls meets SAS: Who dares wins. Teams will be faced with challenges that will test their physical and mental resolve but with strong leadership and a unified team these will be able to be overcome. Will your team thrive or just survive?

Interested in booking your next corporate teambuilding day with Zing Events? Find out more about each of the outdoor teambuilding activities here!


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