UK Coffee Week | 19th-25th October 2020

Calling all coffee lovers! 

If you haven’t heard, this week has been the UK Coffee Week (19-25th Oct ’20), for one week out of the year, the coffee industry comes together to celebrate coffee and raise funds for the charity Project Waterfall. 


Project Waterfall is about bringing clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities across the world. People can donate by purchasing coffee, a bag of coffee and entering competitions from participating coffee shops, restaurants and roasteries. Customers can make a difference by simply enjoying their regular cup of coffee. But if you’re not able to head down to your local coffee shop, then you can donate straight to Project Waterfall here for just £3.


It’s safe to say that the first coffee of the day and the last coffee of the day is important to so many people’s daily routine. But as a nation known for drinking tea, how did we get into the coffee culture?
In the beginning, coffee was considered as something exotic, and it wasn’t until the 90s that it started to pique the interest of the British population. By 1997 drinking coffee was seen as a way to mimic cosmopolitan New York lifestyle seen on shows like Friends. 


Coffee shops started filling in the gaps between retail shops on the high street, and now you wherever you turn, you can find a Starbucks, Costa Coffee or Pret A Manger. The emergence of technology has played a part in coffee culture, coffee shops that have WiFi offer people a place to work away from their desks. They have become a destination where people can relax with friends, conduct interviews, business meetings or take an aesthetically pleasing picture for Instagram. 


It appears that the coffee-culture is here to stay and it’s important that we, as coffee lovers, give back to the countries that make it possible for us to have our daily coffee.

For more information on the UK Coffee Week, click here.

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