Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience Helps Tackle New Year’s Workout Resolutions!

This January, beat the winter blues with a special Wellness Week  at the Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience, based in Camden Stables Market. Putting an emphasis on empowerment, this wellness celebration, commencing from 23rd – 27th January, welcomes adventurers and fitness fanatics alike, as they take part in a variety of exercise and wellness classes to ring in the New Year on a high.



Guests can release their inner Lara Croft by partaking in a week-long schedule of strength and conditioningcalisthenics, and yoga classes alongside nutrition, and even a Secret Sunrise dance session. Led by industry specialists channelling everyone’s favourite adventurer they will energize guests for the year ahead.


And of course, getting into the Tomb Raider spirit by donning a Lara Croft-inspired outfit is strongly encouraged!


Sessions for the week:

  • Monday 23rd – Gut Health for Women with Professional Harley Street Nutritionist, Clarissa Lenherr
  • Tuesday 24th – Guided dance session with Secret Sunrise
  • Wednesday 25th – Strength and Conditioning with Kate Louise Moss
  • Thursday 26th – Yoga for mobility and mindfulness with Char Holmes
  • Friday 27th – Calisthenics body weight resistance session with Sophie Brace


After completing the exercise and wellness sessions, adventurers can take on the next challenge of the day as they are invited to conquer Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience.


Upon embarking, adventurers are greeted with a special message from Lara Croft before heading off to recover a powerful artifact that has fallen into the hands of a dangerous enemy. From solving real-life puzzles, to braving the zip-line through the Costa Rican jungle and conjuring up the courage to drop back into the leap of faith, this experience will see you become the hero in a unique adventure.


Head over now to engage in the workout of a lifetime and become immersed in the life a Tomb Raider. Start the year on a high and discover a new sense of adventure with this unique opportunity at Tomb Raider’s first-ever woman-led fitness event.


Tickets start at £15pp and the event will run from 23rd – 27th January 2023. Bookings can be made via


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