The Uncomfortable Truth About Fear

This week I’ve been delving into the book Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley where he talks about how our fears create false perceptions. It got me thinking about our fears and how they keep us from creating the life and career we want.

Fear is definitely a scary emotion, and it feeds into our limiting beliefs and false understandings about what we believe we can or can’t do.

I’m sure this is a familiar feeling as you develop in your Assistant career. You tell yourself you don’t have anything to add meetings, that they won’t want to hear what you have to say. What if you sound stupid or come across like you don’t know what you’re talking about? You tell yourself all the reasons why you’re not good enough, why you won’t be accepted and stay in fear, worrying about what others will think of you.

Just think about all the time and energy you’re putting into fear!

Every time you feed your mind with the same fearful and negative thoughts, the stronger your limiting beliefs become. Then the harder it’s going to take you to grow and develop in your Assistant career and to be recognised for the contribution that you have to offer.

Want to know how to ditch the fear?

The only way you can grow and develop in your career is to follow your fears and see what limiting beliefs they take you too. That’s when you get to really question your beliefs and ask…

????  What evidence do I have to support this belief?
????  How long have I had this belief and is it even true anymore?
????  Whose belief is this, mine or did I inherit it from someone else i.e. Mum / Dad?

Instead of giving yourself countless reasons why you can’t speak up and share your voice, instead blast your mind with all the reasons that you CAN speak up and share your insight and knowledge.


Let’s swap this…

????  I don’t know what to say in meetings
????  What if I come across as stupid and like I don’t know what I’m talking about?
????  What if someone else says it’s better than me?
????  What if I get it wrong and make a fool of myself?
????  I don’t have anything of value to add

To this…

????  I have so many valuable ideas to share in this meeting
????  I will come across as knowledgeable and intelligent
????  I’m just as capable as anyone else in meetings and I get to speak up

????  What if I get it right and make a great impression on those around me?
????  I have so much value to give and am excited to share my views

It takes a lot more energy to focus on worry and fear than it does to focus on happiness, joy and abundance. When we sit in these negative emotions and let fear take over, we are acting hopeless, and I know you’re not hopeless.

Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to shift your thoughts around how you can contribute to meetings and shift from focusing on the limitations to focusing on the possibilities.


What would the ideal outcome look like for you?


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