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Spacious, light and welcoming, the emphasis is placed on delivering balance and relaxation at the
newly opened Russian banya in Belgravia. Located near to Victoria station and just moments from
The Goring Hotel, The Bath House offers an effective, restorative experience for the wellness
focused guest, blending the traditions of an authentic Russian bath house with the best of the
contemporary spa.

Banya is the perfect antidote to intense, hectic, urban lifestyles and offers a social, respectful and
immersive cultural experience to day visitors and regulars alike, be they friends, family or colleagues.

The Bath House, which exudes an ambience of sophisticated elegance, returns ancient holistic
healing back to the modern day. Split level and housed within a beautiful listed building at 1
Grosvenor Gardens, if offers a spacious reception area, changing rooms, flexible treatment rooms
for both wet and dry treatments, shimmering plunge pool, sauna and tipping buckets, all to the
backdrop of beautiful mosaics of renowned Russian bathing depictions.

Banya temperatures will generally exceed 60 C with humidity of 80 – 100% and special felt hats are
always worn to protect the head and hair from this intense heat. After the first sweat is induced, it is
customary to cool off with an ice-cold plunge, tipping buckets and refreshments, before re-entering
the banya for subsequent beneficial sweats.



Health Benefits:

The banya experience aids recovery after exercise, relieves stress and tension and improves
circulation. As the body heats up, the heart starts beating faster and blood circulation
increases. Following a cold shower or immersion in a plunge pool, the blood flow decelerates and
the heart rate slows down. These rapid changes in temperature strengthen the cardiovascular
system and have been linked to a reduced risk of a cardiovascular-related disease. The heat from the
banya creates an artificial “fever” which also stimulates the immune system, giving it a beneficial
boost. The heat and humidity also relax the muscles and can help to alleviate painful joints. Regular
use of the banya also helps combat common colds, viruses, laryngitis and asthma.



Further Treatments:

The Bath House offers invigorating treatments such as organic body scrubs, washes and soap
massages on the hot stone. Conventional massage is also available and there are two deeply
peaceful, aromatic hay rooms to relax in after your treatments.

Parenie Ritual:

No visit to the Russian banya is complete without the ritual of parenie. The banshik, the specialist
who delivers the treatment, will escort you to a private banya, lie you down, covering your head
with cool eucalyptus leaves and then throw water on the stove to achieve the optimum temperature
and humidity. Using supple, soaked oak or birch leaf veniks (bunches) to capture the steam, he or
she will the caress your body with both the steam and the leaves. The aroma of the leaves combined
with a massage is profoundly relaxing. Parenie is said to promote weight loss, remove harmful
toxins, rejuvenate the skin and improve metabolism. From £45.

After the regenerative effects of exposure to steam in the banya and the ritual of parenie, benefit
from the deep cleansing and exfoliation of a body scrub. This will hydrate the skin and leave it soft
and smooth. The organic products used at The Bath House, complement the natural materials
found throughout the banya. From £45.



Finally, drawing inspiration from all corners of Russia, The Bath House restaurant offers a menu of
delicious traditional dishes as well as herbal teas and healthy homemade juices to rehydrate after a
banya session and treatments. Pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and mushrooms or a plate of Russian
charcuterie are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of beer and can be shared with friends.  For
something more substantial try pelmeni, stuffed cabbage rolls, kotleti po pozharski or blini with



Our Thoughts:

We really loved the Parenie experience! It was so invigorating and feel absolutely amazing now! It’s a great experience or an activity to do with friends and we highly recommend trying it out!


More Information:

Banya Sessions and Opening Times

Ladies – Monday’s & Thursday’s, 10am – 11pm
Men – Tuesday’s & Friday’s, 10am – 11pm
Mixed – Wednesdays & Saturday’s, 10am – 11pm and Sunday’s, 10am – 10pm

The Bath House, 1 Grosvenor Gardens, Belgravia, London, SW1W 0BD

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