REVIEW: Mother – Battersea


Mother is an utterly Italian restaurant without all the nonsense. Mother’s menu aims to bring out really good simple soul food, the kind we never tire of. They combine the best ingredients with seasonal and directly sourced artisan products from Italy. At the centre of our attention is our pride, our wood fired oven. She provides us with our daily bread, sourdough pizza, roasted fish-meat-vegetables, and warmth.



Battersea Power Station – 2 Arches Lane Circus West Village London SW11 8AB


The Vibes?

A slice of traditional Italian cuisine with a modern muse of industrial revolution. Mother aims to please everyone with its simplistic yet stylish approach to interior design. Nestled within the rail-line under passage it lures you in with its comforting warmth (as well as the smell of freshly baked pizzas). Large wooden tables laced with fragrant basil pots set the scene for a night of fun with friends and family.

We ate?

With recommendations coming in thick and fast we knew we had to be clever with our choices. For starters, we had the anti pasti which included freshly baked focaccia, ricotta imported from Italy and a homemade pesto dressing, with roasted vegetable accompaniments. The fresh tastes and carefully sourced ingredients got us excited for what was to come next.


Mains next, and there was only one thing on the menu… Pizza! Made with organic sourdough and seawater, this unique blend of stone-baked glory excited every taste bud. They don’t come much fresher than this. With the stone oven in view, you can watch the chefs create their masterpieces. They are then briskly dug out of the depths of the furnace rushed to your table for optimal freshness.


After a slight break to reflect and regain appetite. We then let our knowledgeable waitress choose us the finest dessert or Dolci. Delicately placed in front of us were two Italian classics. A coffee licked Tiramisu and a beautifully citrus Panna Cotta. I haven’t been to Italy, but I’m pretty sure it tastes exactly like this! With the creamiest of constituencies both desserts rounded off what was a taste tour of the finest Italian ingredients.



Our Thoughts?

Mother know what’s good. They are completely dedicated to sourcing the freshest ingredients, knowing the importance it has on taste. The enthusiasm they have for their beautiful restaurant is second to none and it reflects in the food. Made with love and passion, there is nothing half-hearted about any of it.

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