From the team that brought you the clove club, Luca is a blend of italian style with local produce, to create an amazing fusion of fresh tastes and traditional cuisine.


Situated near both the Barbican and Farringdon tube station.

Address: 88 St John St, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 4EH

The Vibes?

The venue itself is stunning, with the main dining area being in an airy, well lit space, with wooden furnishings and tables. Suitable for both business meetings and socialising with friends, a relaxed but well presented atmosphere.

What we ate & drank  

To start we had Parmesan fries (a lot more sophisticated than they sound!), followed by Whipped salt cod, which was a great blend of salty and creamy flavor. wWe then moved onto mains which consisted of Rigatoni with pork sausage, tomato, anchovy and mint and a Wild mushroom tagliatelle. The pork sausage paired with the mint gave a dense but fresh flavor and along with the pasta created a well balanced main. We also also had rump Hereford beef, served with smoked potato and artichokes. The beef had a great aged taste due to being aged 28 days.

Our Thoughts?

Luca provides an interesting take on Italian cuisine, with the owners taking their experience and knowledge from the previous ventures and pouring it into Luca to create a great take on blended Italian and British cuisine.

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