REVIEW: London Shell Co.

It really is the most romantic idea for a restaurant! Dining on a candle lit barge, meandering down the London canals. But whoever the lucky person is that you take to The London Shell Co. We guarantee that you are in for fantastic food, drink and a night to remember!

Once you step foot onto The Prince Regent, it is hard not to be seriously impressed by the transformation of this refurbished canal boat into an intimate British seafood restaurant. Greeted with a punchy welcome drink by Harry (One of the sibling pair behind the venture) it is obvious that you are about to be treated to exceptional attention to detail and supreme service.

The boat sets sail from Paddington and the journey takes you through Little Venice and Camden. The dishes roll out just after the ropes have been pulled. We started with the finest quality Marcombe Bay Oysters with crispy angel hair fries.

We were blown away by the scallops, seasoned to perfection and garnished with Parma ham, seaweed and speck. The bench mark has been set very high by The London Shell Co. for scallop dishes in 2017! Alongside the scallops were tasty bite sized deep-fried mackerel plated on classic open shell.

The cured Dorset Char drizzled with truffle oil is topped with a vibrant orange egg yolk asking to be sliced into! Mop up every last bit of this dish with the warm sourdough.

The final savoury offering in this five course evening menu was the Stone Bass Fillet served on a bed of Choucroute (a traditional Alaskian braised Sauerkraut or finely sliced cabbage to you and me!) This wonderfully tender fish is accompanied with buttery new potatoes.

Tangy poached rhubarb with vanilla set cream sprinkled with toasted almonds was the simply sweet treat washed down with an ideal dessert wine pairing. But don’t finish there, the cheese board with baron bigod cheese and medjool dates is the perfect snack to enjoy when The Prince Regent is rolling back into dock at Paddington.

The London Shell Co. offer a wide selection of altering menus throughout the day, so there is no excuse not to Hop-On-Board! The extensive meal we enjoyed is £45. But The Prince Regent put just as much love and attention into the wine selection on board, so we would definitely recommend the Wine Pairing option for an extra £35, or Exceptional Wine Paring for £55. The London Shell Co. experience is one not to miss in London at the moment! But if you are finding it too hard to choose the perfect people to bring on this London canal cruise, The Prince Regent can also be privately hired, now that is my kind of party!

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