Quick Guide to Using Social Media

With social media now being used as a way to build your brand, it’s becoming more and more important that you get it right.

For those of you who aren’t tech savy, it can be a daunting prospect, which is why we’ve decided to put together a brief list of what you need to consider when setting up your own account. As an Executive Assistant, obviously there is a lot more to it than just the following, however this will be a good place to start.


Build your brand: Building a brand doesn’t need to be done through a business or influencer account. Personal branding can help establish you as a leader in the administrative professionals field. As an executive assistant, the best way to stand out is to highlight what makes you unique from others, for example your skills, talents and your interests. This can lead to helping you catch the attention of potential clients and people you would like to join your internal network. It can be used as a way for people who don’t know you (potential employees), to find out who you are and what your strengths are.

Know your goals: Before you get started make sure you know what your aim is with regards to your profile. Look at leaders in your field to see what they have done and take inspiration from their accounts. If you’re not sure where to start you can pick a few things that you think you would like your account to focus on at the people that come to mind when you think about each of those things.

Be selective with the content: Remember that everyone can see what you post, so if you wouldn’t want to see it on someone else’s account then don’t put it on your own. Keep it visually pleasing, and you can use the many different templates on Canva to help with this. Especially on instagram – people are more likely to tune in if they like the look of it. Using Instagram Stories is a great way to engage people and show what you’ve been up to, and so is sharing other peoples posts that interest you on LinkedIn.

Build your connections: LinkedIn is a great way to do this, as mentioned previously. Following people and companies you admire or that relate to you is a good way to show interest and may help with future employees.You can even direct message people in a company that you are interested in which is a definite way to stand out from the rest.

Consistency: You need to be regularly active to reach your audiences, so posting at least once a week is necessary. Any more than 3 to 4 times a week isn’t necessary and may result in the quality of your content lacking – remember, it’s quality not quantity! You can work out when is best to post and schedule posts on programmes like Hootsuite, which means you don’t have to constantly be on your phone!


Social media is such a huge part of our daily life on a personal level, but more and more employers are valuing those in the workforce who know how to harness it and put it to professional use. When you learn how to use social media for business, you give yourself an edge and stand out from the competition.

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