Nominees for Social Media Influencer of the Year

Meet the Social Media Influencers of The Year. These Nominees strive to provide useful and helpful content to their peers.

Vicky Lopez, Executive Personal Assistant at Law Business Research

Efficient, organised Administrator across a number of professions combining over 15 years’ worth of experience, 10 years of which in publication and media.

As a highly organized and motivated self-starter I excel at performing in high-pressure environments and can communicate in a calm, pleasant way even in the midst of a crisis. In addition to my proficiency in the technical aspects of my duties, I am also an excellent communicator and multitasker.

When it comes to my social media aspect I love to showcase inspiring venues, interesting menu choices and highlight my own personal life. I am a lover of wine, food, and traveling which is then expressed through my different social media platforms.

Alana Fitch, Executive Assistant, Corsair Capital

Alana is an EA with over 12 years’ experience in the legal and finance sectors at an international level.  She has lived in London, Hong Kong and Singapore and worked for a variety of people including a polo player, a famous Wall Street trader and a billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist.  

Alana believes that it is of vital importance to remain up-to-date on London “happenings”, new restaurants and event venues as being a PA/EA and therefore created the Instagram account PAConfidential to help share experiences, recommendations and inspire peers within the PA community.  

Alana says that the thought of someone valuing PAConfidential and it helping them in any way possible, really encourages her to continue and feel as though her experiences can help others.

Jo Whittington , Executive Assistant, Dentsu Aegis Network Ltd

A pro-active ‘get-it-done’ kind of girl who is street smart and tech-savvy.

I’m a diligent and highly organised Executive Assistant, with a proven history of managerial and administrative experience in the advertising, publishing, property and travel industries.

Dedicated to maintaining exemplary standards, I am able to deal with conflicting priorities effortlessly. I thrive in fast paced, challenging environments where attention to detail and accuracy are vital.

As an effective communicator, I pride myself on my emotional intelligence and high level of discretion. I combine a friendly, professional approach with excellent interpersonal skills and dash of good humour.

Suzie Flynn, Suzie Flynn Coaching

Suzie helps PAs create more freedom, flexibility and independence in their lives by supporting them in creating a plan to transition safely into their own business. Having had a 22 year career as a PA/EA she fully understands the many challenges that come from working in such a demanding role and within the corporate environment. She is focused on empowering assistants to increase their self worth and confidence so they can live a more authentic life.

Matthew Want, EA to CEO, Marcham Publishing

As a renowned global ambassador for the administrative profession, I strive to build relationships, empower fellow colleagues, motivate positive change and recognition through my networks. I always make sure that what I share or recommend is helpful, sincere and inspiring.

Danielle Francis, EA, Ankura

Experienced Assistant to Board & Senior Management, strong interpersonal skills, excellent MS Office knowledge, fast learner & keen to develop new skills.

Daiana Sais, EA at American Express

I am a driving force for an internal social media site for my global team and have bi-weekly calls with the other steering committee members to come up with new ideas and content for the site, create newsletter and keep colleagues engaged.

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