Nominees for Networker of the Year

The Nominees deserve recognition for their strong networking skills within the community!

Emily Poyser-Beezley, Team Coordinator at GW Pharmaceuticals Plc –

I am a proactive networker in London, and since moving to the city have become a truly #londontourist.  I like to help, mentor and inspire others through networking.

Yvette Pearson, Founder at Yvette Pearson

I’ve worked tirelessly to build my profile and brand, I’m a relentless advocate of the admin profession, and I’m building a network to help PAs and EAs who work at small businesses. I also wrote my first book this year.

Jessica Cooper, EA, PSP Investments

Being nominated for Networker of the Year truly reflects all the relationships I’ve built with venues and other PA’s. Plus, being Swiss with an American accent makes me stand out from the crowd that little bit more..!

Melissa Hume, PA, First State Investments

Melissa is engaging, funny, straight talking and has probably seen most things there are to see in her 22 year career as an assistant. Having beaten cancer twice by the age of 37, Melissa can face any challenge thrown her way with a can-do attitude. A mentor and role model to other assistants.

Danielle Francis, EA, Ankura

Experienced Assistant to Board & Senior Management, strong interpersonal skills, excellent MS Office knowledge, fast learner & keen to develop new skills.

Abigail Jones, EA, ghd

I’m an EA with almost 20 years experience, and I’m passionate about promoting and developing admin professionals. I’m a qualified coach and mentor and work with PAs to grow and develop, I speak at PA conferences, events and workshops and am an advocate of PA networking.

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