“Netiquette” by Tayyaba Jordan

Working remotely puts you at a distance, meaning you have to work a little harder to stay connected. Because of that you’re more exposed to miscommunication issues. You can steer clear of them by following the ‘netiquette.’

FACE TO FACE – Try to be visible whenever possible. Having that face to face connection is really important. In the absence of visual clues showing that people are busy we may need to message and let people know that the requested task may take longer as you are busy. Write a polite email / message that you can copy and paste to let acknowledge the task and let your recipient know you will get to it ASAP!

SHOW UP – Being reliable at this time is really important. Be on time for Video calls get online or test a few minutes before. Make sure if you are hosting a call that you finish on time too. Be respectful of other peoples time.

STREAMLINE  -Be sensible with shared channels like Slack and even on Whats App. Try not to “Slack Bomb” lots of different short messages around the same topic can be really overwhelming. Out all info relating to one message in one post. This also makes it easier to find later if you need to.

BE SPECIFIC – It pays off to be strategic when it comes to writing messages, to make sure they get seen and acted upon. Get attention using names or specifics in the title or subject line, it stands out as more personal.

SUMMARISE – Try and be as communicative as possible in the first third of your emails. Make the first sentence a summary of the whole e-mail, and the second sentence a call to action. Use simple english when you can. Unnecessarily complex language is a waste of time for the writer and the reader.

BE PROFESSIONAL…. and kind. On-line or offline, your manners are still noted. It’s easy to omit ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ since it’s only a laptop in front of you. But the person on the other side will appreciate it. There’s a fine line between friendly-professional and unprofessional, that’s why it’s best to avoid sending out emojis or too casual messages.

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